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Driving Tips

The Top 8 Driving Techniques Revealed

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When you drive defensively, you’re on guard and ready for anything. You are careful while being eager to take action rather than entrusting your fate to other drivers. According to the US Department of Transportation, 90% of all collisions are caused by driver error. Following these defensive driving suggestions may help you avoid an accident: 1.) Think safety first. Avoiding aggressive and inattentive driving behaviours… Read More »The Top 8 Driving Techniques Revealed

8 Driving Tips for Nervous Drivers

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Now that we’ve discovered why you might be nervous behind the wheel, here are our top eight strategies for not being a nervous driver: 1.) Prepare your vehicle Feeling as though you are unable to control anything on the road is a significant source of driver anxiety. True, you can’t change other drivers’ speeds or whether they pull out in front of you at a… Read More »8 Driving Tips for Nervous Drivers

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What Are You Driving?

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Learning to drive is a rite of passage that for many teenagers marks a rather large leap towards adulthood. The process can be multi-faceted with regards to the driving lessons you take and the driving skills you acquire. As well as learning to drive, people have to deal with court proceedings, legislation and intimidating bike riders, motorists and pedestrians on the road. So what does… Read More »What Are You Driving?

Nine Winter Driving Tips

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Summer driving is what car lovers live for. The roads are clear, the sun is high and, depending on which part of the country you’re in, there may even be a cool breeze at your back. But winter driving? Well, that’s another story entirely. The roads can be icy, patchy and downright dangerous. It gets dark earlier and stays dark later – making it harder… Read More »Nine Winter Driving Tips