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What Are the Characteristics of a Competent Driver?

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A calm and cautious driver may quickly become deranged behind the wheel by taking the wheel. Is this a scenario you’ve ever heard of before? Yes. This scenario reflects a typical event in everyday traffic, where drivers unleash all of their aggressiveness on the wheel, endangering themselves and other drivers and pedestrians. Not maintaining good driving habits raises the danger of an accident, as well… Read More »What Are the Characteristics of a Competent Driver?

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What Are You Driving?

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Learning to drive is a rite of passage that for many teenagers marks a rather large leap towards adulthood. The process can be multi-faceted with regards to the driving lessons you take and the driving skills you acquire. As well as learning to drive, people have to deal with court proceedings, legislation and intimidating bike riders, motorists and pedestrians on the road. So what does… Read More »What Are You Driving?