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Driving Habits

Fuel-Saving Measures While Driving

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Fuel-efficient driving may save you hundreds of dollars in gasoline each year, enhance road safety, and prevent vehicle wear. Use these five fuel-efficient driving strategies to reduce your automobile’s fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 25%. 1. Accelerate Gently You use more gasoline when you accelerate. By slowly pressing the accelerator pedal in the city, you may use less gasoline. To… Read More »Fuel-Saving Measures While Driving

What Are the Characteristics of a Competent Driver?

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A calm and cautious driver may quickly become deranged behind the wheel by taking the wheel. Is this a scenario you’ve ever heard of before? Yes. This scenario reflects a typical event in everyday traffic, where drivers unleash all of their aggressiveness on the wheel, endangering themselves and other drivers and pedestrians. Not maintaining good driving habits raises the danger of an accident, as well… Read More »What Are the Characteristics of a Competent Driver?

Little-Known Dangerous Driving Habits

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Everyone has been guilty of some dangerous driving habits at one time or another. As hard as it may be to admit it, many expose themselves to more risk on the road than is necessary on a weekly basis. The first step towards reducing these risks is to identify them and admit to risky behaviour. By tackling the problem openly and honestly, you can begin… Read More »Little-Known Dangerous Driving Habits