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Car Insurance: Women vs. Men

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Auto insurance premiums are charged based on many factors.

The type of car you’re using, your age, your credit history, your driving history, driving lessons taken and even your gender are just some of the factors that a car insurance company looks at before they give you the car insurance coverage rate. It is unique to each individual and it depends on statistics as well.

Statistically, men are more accident-prone compared to women. Because of these statistics, men’s car insurance premium is higher compared to the premiums of women. It is said that women pay about 9% less than what men pay for their car insurance.

Men tend to drive faster and like the rush, they get for speeding while women are more defensive when it comes to driving and they try to be as cautious as possible. Of course, this is just based on statistics and is not a general statement.

Some women can be hazards as well especially when they put on their make-up while driving or talking about gossip on their phone (sorry girls but it’s SO true!) while they are on the road. Also, because women tend to drive slower, they become irritating to many drivers who want to get to their destination on time.

Also, statistically, women make fewer insurance claims compared to men. Of course, this is an effect of being more careful on the road and being slow drivers. Nonetheless, it is proven that most of the time women get cheaper car insurance rates compared to men.